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          The introduction of the standard sewing machine in some places

          Our country has become the world's sewing machine production centers and producing countries, but not the power. Although China's sewing machine in the world has been in a certain position and level, but within the industry standard still imperfect place, the lack of appropriate technical and quality standards, resulting in China's sewing machine industry has been unable to reach the high end.

          Meanwhile, some local standards promulgated, the problem is an All week, the sewing machine is one of precision machinery, with the realization of the various working processes in sewing, mainly rely on the four institutions (including other supporting institutions) to finish, no matter which part of running the slightest error will affect sewing quality. Needle bar mechanism, hook line agencies, pick line agencies and the feed mechanism to achieve the purpose of sewing four major agencies, but also a variety of special sewing basic institutions.

          Due to the current domestic industrial sewing machine parts no national, industry, local standards, all of the various hardware companies for a long time to processing contracts, technical drawings as the basis for organizing production, with master craftsmen working experience, technological level varies, production is not standardized, quality of instability, economic life contractual disputes, quality controversy, corporate interests are not effectively protected. Also, because there is no uniform quality standards, the product of hardness, smoothness and other indicators not clearly defined, some enterprises through the use of low-quality raw materials, reducing the level of technology to reduce production costs, by playing the "price war" to capture the market, severely restricted technological progress and healthy development of the industry, the whole industry.

           The emergence of a number of criteria that can help the market better development.

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