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          Sewing machines of several major parts

          There are any number of mechanical parts of the composition, a composition by the general sewing machine head, frame, transmission and Annex IV section.

          The nose is the main part of the sewing machine. It consists of barbed material, hook line, pick line, feeding the four agencies and the winding, binder, falling teeth and other auxiliary bodies, reasonably fit sports agencies, cycle work, the sewing material stitched together.

          Frame is divided into two forms platen and chassis. Taiwan stands platen plate plays the role of supporting the head, as the table with the sewing operation. Platen has a variety of styles, there is a struggle or fight off Tibetan, cabinet, desk type and so on. Chassis frame chassis plays a role in supporting and storing the nose, so that the machine is easy to carry and storage.

          Sewing machine transmission parts constituted by the rack, hand or motor and other components. Rack is the backbone of the machine, supporting the platen and pedals. Operator when using the foot pedal plate, rotated through the crank pulley, and belt driven by rotation of the head. Most hand or motor mounted directly on the machine head.

          Described above are the main parts of the sewing machine, of course, it still has includes many other parts, such as the needle, bobbin, surgery, oiler, etc. These are also essential oh it.